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How to Prevent Your Family from Distracting You When You Drive

Prevent Your Family From Distracting You When You Drive

This article shows how driving with children and partners can be difficult and suggests solutions to prevent yourself from getting distracted.
How to Prevent Your Family from Distracting You When You Drive
Going on a long journey in the car is something that some people love and some people hate. On the one side it can be great to get out on the open road and to do something completely mindless for a while. It’s a good excuse to spend time with your family, and if you put on some good music or play some games along the way then it doesn’t have to be boring either.
But at the same time it also has its downsides. Apart from anything else of course, this includes the fact that you’ll probably get quite tired and will need to keep your eyes fixed firmly on the road for a long period of time with any lapse being potentially very dangerous. Likewise it can also get rather boring.
And things get more complicated if you’re travelling with your family. If you have young children then chances are that they will get bored too, and when they do they will probably distract you which can make this much more difficult an experience than it needs to be.
If you’re going to go on a long journey with your family and make it safe and smooth then you’re going to need to do a little management. Read on to find out how you can do that…
Talking is fine and of course you don’t want to be silent when driving with your children, but do bear in mind that it can reduce your ability to pay attention to the road. While many of us assume it’s fine to talk on the phone while we drive, studies have shown that it actually does reduce reaction time and increase the likelihood of accidents. A good solution is to talk to your kids more while you’re driving around areas you’re familiar with and less when you’re navigating difficult parts of the motorway and need to concentrate. Learn that it’s okay to say you need to concentrate.
Another tip is to travel with another adult where possible. This way they can entertain your children when you’re forced to go silent for a while which can prevent you from being distracted unnecessarily. Alternatively encourage them to talk to each other, or to play eye-spy with one another.
If your children area prone to getting bored and acting up then you may want to find something to keep them entertained such as a video game or a film. Do note however that this can be something of a double-edged sword as you can end up being distracted by that as well. The solution in this case is to give them headphones and to make sure that the entertainment you’ve given them is not so exciting that they can’t contain themselves. Books and puzzles are even better because they are innately quiet activities that will require more attention. Something quiet may even lull them off to sleep which is of course the best scenario of all!